Campground Policies

Speed Limits

10 mph throughout the entire property. Please drive carefully, there are children and pets by the houses, at the playground and in the camping area.

Quiet Time

9:00 pm (10:00 pm Friday & Saturday) to 8:00 am. Please be respectful of everyone around you when playing the radio, etc. Voices, laughter and music carry more after dark. And remember - quiet time begins at 9:00 pm (10 pm Fri & Sat) - quiet voices and no radios etc.


Fires are allowed in fire pits and grills only. Please no high fires, burning of large logs and do not leave fire unattended. Burn only wood; do not burn garbage, leaves, glass bottles, cans, Christmas lights, painted wood, wood with metal or nails. Fires kill the grass and leave ugly burn rings. DO NOT MOVE THE FIRE PITS. Don't move firewood - "buy where you burn". This prevents the spread of insects etc. from one location to another. For your convenience we sell wood at the campground office.
  • Please make sure your campfire is extinguished completely before you go to bed or leave the campsite.
  • No cutting or disfiguring of any trees.
  • Do not dump charcoal or ashes in the woods.

Cigarette Smokers

Please do not drop cigarette butts on the ground or in fire pits (the filters don't burn). Please discard them in the trash. Please no smoking in the restrooms, office or at the playground.


We are a pet friendly campground. Please make sure your pet behaves properly and does not disturb other campers. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times and not left unattended. Owners are responsible for any damage to property or injury to another person. Please do not allow your children to run past or play with dogs they do not know. OWNERS MUST CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR PETS. Please make sure you have a plastic bag when walking your dog. Pets must be current on all required shots and immunizations. Please have a copy of the rabies certificate available. Non-camping guests may not bring their pets onto the campground property. Management reserves the right to refuse any pet on the campground they feel is a danger or is disturbing other campers.


The speed limit is 10 mph. All camp sites are limited to two vehicles per site. Extra vehicles should park in designated parking area. Parking on an adjacent site or around the pavilion is not allowed. Vehicles must be parked at least 10 feet away from your neighbor's camper. $10.00 to charge electric vehicle.

Bathroom / Showers

Bathrooms are cleaned several times each day. Please clean up after yourself and don't forget your personal items (soap, deodorant, clothing) Do not wash dishes in the sinks. Please turn off the inside lights when leaving the bathroom. The outside lights should remain on after dark.


For the safety and comfort of our guests, NO firearms, fireworks, generators, motor bikes, ATVs, golf carts or drones are permitted. Please do not move the firepits. Do not put grills on the picnic tables. If you want to use a small swimming pool, please get permission from the office BEFORE setting up the pool. No dumping of black or gray water on the camping site is allowed.

Septic System

Because we have a septic system, we have to be careful what goes into it. If you have a sewer site or are planning to use our dump station, please put only toilet tissue into your black water tanks. Do not flush such items as baby wipes, diaper liners, Kleenex, paper towels or feminine products in your camper or the bathroom.

Wi-Fi Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is available throughout the campground. No password is needed.Wifi Terms of Use


All visitors must check in at the office upon arrival and leave the campground by 9 pm. If you wish to have non-camping guests, please let the campground staff know. There is a $3.00 charge per day for each guest. Guests may not bring pets to the campground

Before You Leave

Clean up your site. Put the garbage in a trash bag and place in the dumpster along the drive by the workshop. Do not leave trash in the firepits. We recycle. Please put your recyclables (cans, bottles, newspaper, no garbage please) in the two containers next to the dumpster. The aluminum cans are donated to charity. If you moved a picnic table, please return to the campsite you got it from.

Check-in/ Check-out Time

We discourage check-in after dark or after 9 pm. Our campground is dark so it is difficult to set-up and disturbs the neighbors. If you will be arriving after 9 pm, please notify the office. There is a late charge of $10 for check-in after 9 pm. If you wish to arrive before regular check-in of 1 pm, there is a $5 per hour charge - if the site is available.

  • Check-in is 1pm - 9pm.
  • Check-out Time Monday - Saturday is 12 noon .
  • Check-out Time Sunday & Holidays is 3 pm.

Medical Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, call 911. Have someone at the entrance of the park to direct the EMT's to the location of the emergency.
Area Hospitals:
Ridgeview Le Sueur Medical Center
621 4th Street
Le Sueur, MN 56058

River's Edge Hospital and Clinic
1900 North Sunrise Drive
St Peter, MN 56082

Severe Weather

During severe weather you can monitor one of the local radio stations, KRBI at 105.5 FM or KCHK at 95.5 FM or 1350 AM. Peaceful Valley is located in the NE corner of Nicollet County. Warnings and watches for Nicollet, Sibley, Le Sueur, and Scott counties could also apply to this area.
If you hear the emergency sirens from Le Sueur, take shelter in the shower house. During a tornado warning, campers should take shelter in the shower house and not remain in camper or tent.
The creek can swell after heavy rains and become very fast and dangerous.


The campground cannot be responsible for injury or damage due to wind, water, fire or the negligence by you or others. We may remove, without prior notice, anyone who creates a disturbance, nuisance or deliberately breaks any of the campground rules. NO refunding of fees will be made in the event of such a removal. These policies were made for your safety and to ensure the enjoyment of your camping experience. Campground management reserves the right to add or modify the policies without prior notice.